Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning involves long-term care planning for the disabled to ensure their quality of life can be maintained as long as possible. Many times, adults or children with disabilities can outlive their parents or caregivers. Making sure that their needs are met with or without family or friends to assist them is crucial. For some with special needs, the term ‘independence planning’ is more appropriate. Depending on their level of need, working to provide a disabled person with as much independence as possible can allow them freedom and autonomy from a lifetime of dependency.

Special Needs Planning is very nuanced and can be challenging. There is rarely a silver bullet solution. That’s why it’s important to consult an elder law attorney who specializes in this area.


Why Choose Hampton Law?

Hampton Law is uniquely qualified to be able to assist with Special Needs Planning. Attorney Blake Hampton offers both estate planning and long-term care services that encompass special need planning. In addition, Hampton has a younger brother with special needs and has worked within his own family to ensure his brother is taken care of.


What’s Involved

  1. Drafting a letter of intent that describes the disabled individuals weekly schedule, medication, likes, dislikes, and more.
  2. Special Needs Planning often involves obtaining a life insurance policy for working parents to fund a specific type of trust called a Supplemental Needs Trust.
  3. In addition, a Special Needs Trust might also be needed. These trusts are federal payback trusts designed to preserve benefits during a beneficiary’s lifetime. The funds are used to supplement and not supplant those benefits, thus maximizing the quality of life for the disabled. Upon the beneficiary’s death, remaining funds are used to satisfy the Florida’s Medicaid lien.

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